This page gives you an explaination of many words used by tree surgeons.

General Terms

Arboriculture                   The scientific cultivation of trees and shrubs
Arborist                   A professional who, through experience, education, and training, holds the expertise
and ability to provide management of trees and other woody plants
Tree Preservation                   The protection of specific trees or a particular area, group or woodland from intentional damage or destruction
Risk Evaluation                   The inspection of trees that may present danger or a hazardous condition
Plant Appraisal                   The value that is added to the property from the trees and landscaping

Pruning Terms

Pruning                   Removal of specific plant parts to accomplish exact goals and objectives
The branches and leaves on a tree measured from the lowest branch on the trunk
Limb                   A large major branch
Lead                   A dominant or prevailing vertical stem
Decay                   The decomposition of woody tissue
Crown Cleaning                   Removal of dead wood and any broken or diseased branches
Crown Thinning                   Removal of specific branches to permit better air movement and light penetration
Crown Raising                   Removal of lower branches over roofs and pavements and roads
Crown Reduction                   Reduction of the height and/or spread of the tree through proper pruning practices

Tree Practices

Cabling                   Provides extra support to limbs with weak joints
Bracing                   Use of steel rods in limbs, leads or trunks provide firm support
Staking                   Installation of guy wires to support a tree
Root Pruning                   Process of cutting the roots of an established tree to promote growth of new feeder roots after it has been transplanted
Damage Restoration                   Specific pruning to improve the structure and appearance of the tree due to damage from a storm or vandalism
Tree Removal                   The cutting down of a tree that has declined so far that no other option is available to ensure the safety of persons and property
Stump Removal                   Grinding the main stump
Crane Removal                   Removing hazardous limbs and trees through the use of hoisting equipment